Ricoh has launched the buyer's guide for office printers and multifunction devices

Reading this guide, you will be able to answer the most important questions then which you will be able to choose the most appropriate equipment.

Do I just need a printer or do I need a multifunctional product that
will also allow me to scan, copy and fax?

✓ What type of documents do I print? How important is the print quality? Do I need colour?
✓ Do I need a personal printer or one that can be shared with other users?
✓ If the printer is going to be shared, how many people are likely to use it?
✓ How many pages do I print each month? Are there likely to be peaks in demand?
✓How much space do I have? Does the printer need to fit on a desk or should it be floor standing?
✓Would I like to be able to print from/scan to smart devices and the Cloud?

You can access the PDF guide from here.