INTIMUS - Data Destruction from Specialists

More extensive data protection regulations, industry standards and internal guidelines force companies into changing their habits of data destruction. Finding solutions to reuse or destroy data carriers and preventing a recovery of sensitive data, can present itself as challenging.

Whereas the document shredder, inspired by a spaghetti maker, insured the data destruction from the early 1960s, our most sensitive data is no longer on paper. Electronic and magnetic data carriers can often be recovered, even after erasing the content — not with us.

Tryamm has been your partner in data protection for over 10 years. The product portfolio shows machines listed by ORNISS, the American NSA, which guarantees safety standards, set by the National Security Agency, and supplies the whole reliable solutions for final data destruction for the whole Romanian territory.

Together with Intimus, we e offer comprehensive solutions throughout the value chain, starting from innovation, through development, manufacturing, and sales, and then continuing to provide support with post-sales services.

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