Interactive whiteboards

Smooth writing, high-resolution display and easy remote image sharing combine in Ricoh’s range of interactive whiteboards to bring collaboration to your meeting or boardroom. Ideal for developing, recording, and sharing ideas visually across multiple locations, our whiteboards are here to boost your productivity and facilitate flexible working.

Ricoh D8400
Success in manufacturing, education and commerce arrives more efficiently. The new, interactive Whiteboard D8400 from Ricoh assists training and collaborative work with straightforward, intuitive and immediate operation, as well as many innovative advantages. From the 84” full HD 4k LCD display to interactive controls that can be us
Ricoh D6500
Developing and communicating concepts quickly and effectively is critical in commerce and education today. In the modern office space, collaborative working is also essential, utilising new ways of working to develop ideas easily. Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D6500 facilitates efficient training and collaborative working, allowing
Ricoh D5510
When you need to develop, share and record ideas visually, the Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is the perfect solution because it meets all these needs and more. With the D5510 you can write or draw in 20 colours and share content live not only with those present but up to eight other D5510 whiteboards networked on an intranet. Additiona
Ricoh D2200
This compact and versatile Interactive Whiteboard provides all the reliability you need to present ideas and information impressively, wherever you are. Thanks to its portability, small workgroups can still be productive even when no meeting room is available. The D2200 can also be set up quickly, and keep engagement high thanks to it