Ricoh Interactive whiteboards

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard A6500
The A6500 Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard is designed with a feature-rich suite of tools built-in to give you the ultimate collaboration solution for your organisation. With the easy-to use interface this new whiteboard offers seamless communication, ideal for hybrid working powerful learning, allowing multiple people to write on the sam
Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard A7500
Meet the Ricoh A-Series, a family of next-generation interactive whiteboards specifically designed for the classroom and conference room. Engineered for affordability and simplicity, the A6500, A7500, and A8600 feature an embedded Android OS plus a range of pre-installed apps to enable collaborative whiteboarding, MS Office document v
Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard A8600
Hybrid working and learning has become a daily process for many people. Nowadays, people join meetings and training from multiple locations as  standard and the need to collaborate remotely has never been greater. Make meetings and classes collaborative wherever they are, with the new Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards. The new IWB A Seri
RICC - Ricoh Creative Collaboration
RICC Collaboration Software is a single application suite covering all meeting processes and needs in a simple and effective way. Starting with the Booking Application experience, RICC Collaboration Software suite can be used to check online diaries and confirm both employee and room availability to find the perfect match, displaying
RICOH Interactive Whiteboard Add-on Service for Office 365
The RICOH Interactive Whiteboard Add-on service for Office 365 makes meetings easier to run and more engaging. Simply turn on the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard and swipe your badge / card to log in to Microsoft Office 365. There is no need to connect to your laptop. With the RICOH Interactive display connected securely to your Outlook
Ricoh IWB D8600
Ricoh’s super-sized Interactive Whiteboard D8600 is the perfect presentation tool for conferences, seminars, exhibitions and board meetings. With its stunning 4K display and multi-touch sensing providing a more immersive experience, your audience will be spellbound. The D8600 is ready in an instant. And, with its intuitive touch
Ricoh IWB D3210 / D3210BK
Ideal for smaller meeting spaces, Ricoh’s compact Interactive Whiteboard D3210 supports 180° screen rotation and can be laid flat and used as an interactive table top. Facilitating real-time remote collaboration, the sleek 32” panel enables instant file sharing and precise document annotation. And, with its stylish design, vivid
Ricoh IWB D7500
Transform your meetings and turn presentations into collaborative experiences with the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D7500. This all-in-one collaboration hub lets the whole team actively participate in meetings, brainstorms and presentations. And they can do so from any location, saving time and travel costs. The D7500 comes with built
Ricoh IWB D8400
Success in manufacturing, education and commerce arrives more efficiently. The new, interactive Whiteboard D8400 from Ricoh assists training and collaborative work with straightforward, intuitive and immediate operation, as well as many innovative advantages. From the 84” full HD 4k LCD display to interactive controls that can be us
Ricoh IWB D6510
The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D6510 is here to transform the way you collaborate. This high-resolution collaboration hub gives your teams the tools they need to easily share information and make decisions together. And they can do so from any location, saving time and travel costs. The D6510 promotes effective teamwork with real ti
Ricoh IWB D5520
The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5520 gives you the tools you need to reinvent the way your teams work together. This high-resolution collaboration hub makes it easy for the whole team to join and contribute to meetings. And they can do so from any location, saving time and travel costs. The D5520 is video conference-ready with built
Ricoh IWB D2200
This compact and versatile Interactive Whiteboard provides all the reliability you need to present ideas and information impressively, wherever you are. Thanks to its portability, small workgroups can still be productive even when no meeting room is available. The D2200 can also be set up quickly, and keep engagement high thanks to it

Smooth writing, high-resolution display and easy remote image sharing combine in Ricoh’s range of interactive whiteboards to bring collaboration to your meeting or boardroom. Ideal for developing, recording, and sharing ideas visually across multiple locations, our whiteboards are here to boost your productivity and facilitate flexible working.