Whether you handle business or research data, patient records, corporate, national, defense forces, state or EU secrets, our products can protect your most valuable information assets. Throughout the years, Advenica's solutions have been awarded several prestigious certifications and approvals by the European Union, national certification bodies and international IT security certification bodies.

Certifications & Approvals
Solutiile Advenica au primit aprobari de prestigiu de c?tre Uniunea European?, organismele na?ionale de certificare ?i a organismelor interna?ionale de certificare de securitate IT.
Network Encryptors
Protecting the heart of your business Advenica’s hardware based network encryptors enable organisations to extend their protected IP networks securely over an untrusted network. By creating a kind of secure tunnel through an untrusted network, it becomes possible for organisations to securely send classified information over the
Cross Domain Solutions
Advenica’s Cross Domain Solutions product family allows a controlled information flow in and out from your systems. Our Cross Domain Solutions empower highly secure information exchange between networks employing many protocols, all with different information security policies.