Blancco Enterprise Erase E800

Product characteristics

Configurable: Erase any type of hard drive

Customized to your needs: Erase multiple types of drives in the same appliance

Hot swap ready: Designed to increase your erasure throughput

Digital bay numbering: Easily recognize where the drives are physically connected

Fully operational system: You supply only a mouse, keyboard and monitor

Ease of use: Software options built around your business process

Digitally signed erasure reports: Automatically generated and stored in the system; can be exported to external database or into cloud storage

Powered off a standard wall outlet: No additional power requirements

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  • Description

Blancco Enterprise Erase E800 is an industrial-grade server solution designed for high volume data erasure usage. The E800 can be configured to handle any type of hard drive, including SAS, SATA, IDE, Fiber Channel and SCSI.

Designed for High Volume Usage:

The Blancco Enterprise Erase E800 is easy to use. The operator simply inserts the drive(s) to be erased into the bay(s). The system recognizes the drives and bay numbers which then appear in the software GUI. The operator selects the drive(s) and hits the “Erase” button to begin erasure.

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Blancco Technology Group

The product references can be found here:

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