Blancco Enterprise Erasure 2U

Product characteristics

High volume: Capable of performing data erasure on over 100 hard drives at a time

Compatible: Supports SAS, Fiber or SCSI drives, and disk arrays from a variety of manufacturers

Hot swap ready: Designed to increase your erasure throughput

Convenience: No need to remove drives from their existing caddies or disk array expansion units

Ease of use: Software options built around your business process

Digitally signed erasure reports: Automatically generated and stored in the system; can be exported to external database or into cloud storage

Powered off a standard wall outlet: No additional power requirements

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  • Description

Blancco Enterprise Erase 2U appliance is an industrial grade server solution built to meet your high volume data erasure needs. The 2U appliance delivers a fast, reliable and certified erasure methodology in a portable form factor.

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Blancco Technology Group

The product references can be found here:

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