Blancco File eraser

Product characteristics

  • Automates targeted file erasing and shredding
  • Installs easily within existing enterprise IT systems
  • Cuts system downtime during file removal
  • Shreds files and folders according to automated processes/schedules
  • Provides digitally signed certificate of proof of erasure for audit trail purposes
  • Ensures compliance with state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27040

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Blancco File Eraser goes beyond today’s regular file shredding software to guarantee your files are eliminated with a certified report that achieves true data sanitization requirements. With this report, you prove adherence to algorithm standards specified by the U.S. Department of Defense (Standard 5220.22-M) and 21 other standards, to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements.

With Blancco File Eraser organizations securely wipe sensitive files and folders from PC desktop computers, laptops and servers – either manually or automatically. While typical file shredding or wiping software may delete some data, Blancco File Eraser securely wipes files and folders to comply with the most stringent requirements to ensure that any sensitive data has been securely and permanently erased, certified by the most regulatory bodies and with a 100% tamper proof report.

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Blancco Technology Group

The product references can be found here:

Catalogul National cu Pachete, Produse si Profile de Protectie INFOSEC (versiunea Ianuarie 2020)

Council of the European Union – Cryptographic products list

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Nato Information Assurance Products


Blancco File Eraser Technical Specifications

  • Erase a variety of files from programs like Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Overwrite selected files (including previous versions stored by Windows), free disk space, temporary files and the recycle bin
  • Instantly erase files via drag-and-drop from the desktop to Blancco File Eraser
  • Erase files and folders on local computers
  • Remotely execute secure erasure of files and folders on servers and in storage areas across the network
  • Supports all global data erasure standards


  • Easy installation on PCs and servers (both physical and virtual machines)
  • Remote installation and deployment available through MSI packages using Active Directory – for “silent installations” on to any machine
  • Central configuration of clients and multiple installations through Group Policy files
  • Easy-to-use user interface and advanced command line interface supporting multiple parameters for full flexibility of integration
  • Can be run from a standalone USB stick when plugged into a computer or server for easy mobility and on-demand operations
  • Supports centralized licensing through Blancco Management Console


  • Schedule erasure of selected files on local or remote servers and workstations
  • Implement rules and automatic routines to erase files and folders
  • Enable policy-based scheduling and integration through Windows standard components
  • Improve user interaction with multiple configuration alternatives available


  • Reports ensure compliance with standards and legislation like PCI DSS, requiring erasure of file-level data
  • Centralized, digitally signed and tamper-proof report options
  • Detailed PDF or CSV reports for easy viewing and XML files for centralized reporting
  • Full support for the Windows event log
  • Add custom fields (user-defined inputs, e.g. internal batch IDs, workstation numbers, etc.) in reports according to process requirements
  • Detailed reporting includes everything needed for compliance such as security information, user data, file names and exact times
  • Reports sent automatically to Blancco Management Console as soon as the computer is online in the network


  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • Windows Server: 2012, 2008 all versions (with licensed the Data CenterEdition)
  • Supported file systems are NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT
  • HP-UX 11.11 and HP-UX 11.31 with VXFS
  • AIX 5.1 or later with JFS or JFS2
  • Solaris


  • Full integration with Blancco Management Console for automated updated, detailed auditing and control to ensure full compliance


  • English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese