PaperStream ClickScan

Product characteristics

Scanning interface dedicated to simplicity

PaperStream ClickScan software comes with simple operations and takes the complexity out of document scanning with RICOH fi/SP Series image scanner. It is ideal for spot or ad-hoc uses such as saving conference materials in personal folders.

  • 3 simple steps to complete scanning
  • Gateway to easy use of fi and SP Series technology
  • Flexible use in conjunction with PaperStream Series

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Three simple steps to scan documents

Keeping operations to the bare minimum, there is no need for administrators to preset scan settings or output destinations, so that operators can start using the scanner right away. Since the software is designed to be simple, PaperStream ClickScan boosts and processes images, which drastically reduces the waiting time.



Simple Operation (Pull Scan from software / Push Scan from scanner)

Expand the use of PaperStream ClickScan and experience added flexibility and convenience to complete your scans.

Customize settings like the color mode, resolution, page size and file format, in advance, directly using the 3-step scanning process on the software interface and be on your way to scan.


Advance settings on preferred save-to destinations and preview settings further streamlines the 3-step scanning process to just “One-Push” on the ‘Scan’ button.


Flexible use in conjunction with PaperStream Series

Choose from the 3 options of PaperStream Series scanning software according to your operation environment.


・Use for scanning documents occasionally
・Decide the save destination and file name at that time
・Always read business documents in a fixed way
・Specify barcodes and keywords as name rules
・Share scanning and confirmation work as a team
・Advanced sorting specialized in business
Bundled Software Bundled Software Premium Software

High Quality Image Processing Scanner Driver

  • Check / save scanned images with just one push of the scan button
  • Create a “profile” that defines output settings from scanning requirements
  • Extract keywords by “Zonal OCR Function”
  • “Automatic Sorting” of files and folders with barcodes
  • “File import” by image data
  • Work sharing among groups using the “multi-station function”
  • Extract multiple “metadata” from one barcode

PaperStream Capture Features

Achieve work efficiency through automated scan processes

PaperStream Capture creates profiles based on the scope of work. With a single touch on the icon, users are able to begin scanning.

Multiple scanning options

Simple batch scanning is feasible with default scanning and predefined templates. Spot, ad-hoc scans, are possible as well.

Operational connectivity with scanned data

PaperStream Capture is compatible with multiple back-office connectivity options and connects with popular destinations like network folders, SharePoint, email, and other applications.
The following destinations are available by default. By installing “PaperStram Connector Option*”, users can connect to other cloud services or send scanned data via e-mail and FAX directly.

*Please refer to the Specifications tab for more detail.

“Setting Assistant” proposes optimal scan settings for frequently used operations

Frequent, manual operations like deleting blank pages or correcting page orientations, can be significantly reduced by following the suggestions that pop up in the software notifications.

Multiple ways to sort and index

Automated document separation

Documents can be grouped, indexed and named using various ways.

With zonal OCR and barcode recognition, users can define areas on documents and establish preset rules to automate file naming and folder creation. The metadata can be exported to CSV files as index information.

“PDF Keyword Setting” assists quick file searching

Keywords can be automatically added to a PDF document using text information captured from the scanned data or using pre-determined fixed characters. Document retrieval is not constrained to file names alone, making it easier to locate documents when required.

Preventing overlook of scanning error

PaperStream Capture comes with AIQC*1 (Automatic Image Quality Check). Scanned results are displayed with easily recognizable color markings. Users are able to instantly recognize any multi-feed or other errors.

  • Red marks: show multi-feed documents
    Black marks: show blank pages
    Yellow marks: show scanning error detected by AIQC*1

*1 AIQC supported model: fi-7900/fi-7800/fi-7700/fi-7700S/fi-7600/fi-8190/fi-8290/fi-7480/fi-7460/fi-8170/fi-8270/fi-8150/fi-8250/fi-7300NX

Select the best image with “Assisted Scan”

Operators are able to instantly select the best image without the need for any fine setting adjustments. Assisted Scan makes automatic image enhancements and replaces unsatisfactory scans with the best scans available.

PaperStream Capture Pro Features

Professional capturing software with paid option

PaperStream Capture Pro is a premium option available for RICOH fi/SP Series Image Scanners for more powerful and advanced functions.

Powerful data extraction and indexing

PaperStream Capture Pro allows indexed metadata to be used for naming folders and files. Up to a maximum of 100 items can be added to the metadata field lists. Please refer to the Specifications tab for more details.

Distribute workloads by using the “Multi-Station function”

With the “Multi-Station function*1“, scan, image check, and individual processes like indexing, can be shared among various team members to promote workload distribution.
With its capability to collect basic data such as man-hours of workflow progress and overall production efficiency, checks and balances on scanning workflow and progress can be performed remotely. Reassignment can be carried out where necessary with the “Batch Manager” function.

*1 It is necessary to install at least one Scan Station or QC / Index Station in addition to the PaperStream Capture Pro Scan Station, since 2 or more stations are required in total to configure the “Multi-Station function”.

High quality image correction

With “After Scan Correction (ASC)”, an unclear image can be optimized without the need for rescan. The original data is not required for the quality checks.

Premium option: Import documents from other sources

The PaperStream Capture Pro Import option allows existing image data as well as scanned image data from other devices to be imported into PaperStream Capture Pro while benefitting from the advanced image processing capabilities of the PaperStream IP (TWAIN) driver. Output file formats can be changed.

Specifications for PaperStream Capture and PaperStream Capture Pro

Product Name

Capture Pro


Supported Scanners








fi-7030 / fi-7180 / fi-7280 / fi-7160 / fi-7260 / fi-7140 / fi-7240 / fi-65F/SP-1130 / SP-1125 / SP-1120 / fi-6140Z /

fi-6240Z / fi-6130Z / fi-6230Z / fi-6110 / fi-5530C2 / fi-5950 / fi-6800 / fi-6400 / fi-6770 / fi-6750S / fi-6670

Supported OCR Languages

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese,
Korean, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese,
Thai, Indonesian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hebrew, Ukrainian

Scanner Driver

PaperStream IP TWAIN

PaperStream IP TWAIN
PaperStream IP ISIS

Documents Separation

page (single /duplex)
Page count
Zonal OCR
Patch code
Barcode (1D /2D)
Press Ctrl
Specific document (Automatic Profile Selection)
File name*1

page (single /duplex)
Page count
Zonal OCR
Patch code
Barcode (1D /2D)
Press Ctrl
Specific document (Automatic Profile Selection),

Save-to Destinations


Folder Network folder
SharePoint Online
E-mail (via e-mail application)
Other App.

Folder Network folder
SharePoint Online
E-mail (via e-mail application)
Other App.


Cloud services (Microsoft OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive)
E-mail (through SMTP server)
Internet FAX (through SMTP server)

Cloud services (Microsoft OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive)
E-mail (through SMTP server)
Internet FAX (through SMTP server)

Output File

Bitmap, TIFF, Multi-TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, Searchable PDF, PDF, PDF/A, PNG, RTF, Word,
Excel, PowerPoint

Output Index File



(1D / 2D)
Zonal OCR
Manual Entry
Choice List
Database Autofill
JSON Parsing
JSON Value
ID Card (TD1 and TD2)

(1D / 2D)
Zonal OCR
ID Card (TD1 and TD2)

Fields (Maximum supported number)




documents, Per pages


Field Rule



Other Functions

Assisted Scan, Import*3, ASC*4, Multi-Station

Assisted Scan

Supported Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server
2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

Hardware Requirements


Intel or Intel -compatible processors

Display Resolution

1024 x 768 Pixels or more, and 65,536 colors or more

1024 x 768 Pixels or higher, 65,536 or more colors

Disk Capacity

10 GB or more*8


Microsoft  .NET
Framework 4.6.2
Microsoft  Internet Information Service 7.5
Microsoft  Internet Information Service 8.0
Microsoft  Internet Information Service 8.5
Microsoft  Internet Information Service 10.0

Microsoft  .NET
Framework 4.6.2

  1. Available only on import function as option.
  2. Available when PaperStream Connecter Option is installed.
  3. “PaperStream Capture Pro Import” is required to process file import.
  4. After Scan Correction.
  5. It is necessary to install at least one Scan Station or QC / Index Station in addition to the PaperStream Capture Pro Scan Station, since 2 or more stations are required in total to configure the “Multi-Station function”.
  6. Scanning speeds may vary due to the system environment.
  7. The scanner may not operate if the recommended CPU and memory capacity requirements are not met.
  8. Enough disk capacity is necessary for the saved file when scanning.