RICOH fi-8250 (Fujitsu rebranding)

Product characteristics

Efficiency at new heights with evolved feeding

The fi-8250 offers an innovative and superior experience, and comes with versatile scanning as flatbed and ADF. It provides quick scans in just 1.7 seconds ipm (200/300 dpi) as flatbed, and 50 ppm/100 ipm (200/300 dpi, color, A4 portrait) as ADF. The scanner loads up to 100 sheets at a time, and comes equipped with a capability of scanning up to as many as 8,000 sheets a day.

  • Versatile scanning with both flatbed and ADF
  • Scans big volumes with “Automatic Separation Control”
  • “Paper Protection” function using Image Monitoring technology
  • Optimized high-quality image data with “PFU Clear Image Capture”
  • Scans variety of documents including passports and booklets
  • PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture providing advanced image processing functions, with PaperStream Capture Pro software as a premium option
  • PaperStream ClickScan for ad-hoc use

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*The products specifications are only informational.

  • Description
  • Specifications

Ricoh recently announced that the company is rebranding Fujitsu scanners. Starting April 2023, all Fujitsu scanners (including fi, ScanSnap, and SP Series scanners) will carry Ricoh’s logo and become a part of Ricoh’s global product and services portfolio.


Supports a wide range of scan needs with state-of-art feeding technology

The scanner comes with reliable paper feeding, facilitating a seamless workflow. Scan faster without interruptions to help boost organizational efficiency.


Scans large volumes with “Automatic Separation Control”

The “Automatic Separation Control” optimizes paper feed to match the number of sheets loaded, and allows stable paper feeding even when performing large volume scans. Interruptions arising from paper misfeeds at high speed scans of 50 ppm, can be avoided.



Protects documents with the paper protection function

The “Image Monitoring” technology performs real-time image monitoring to keep document safe when angles exceed the safe range to assist users with accurate and comfortable scanning.


Supports scanning of wide range of documents

The scanner handles various types of documents to enable all scans with a single scanner. The Manual Feed Mode enables reading of copy forms, glued-on documents and bi-folded A3 documents. Passports and booklets up to thicknesses of 7 mm* can be read using the Booklet Carrier Sheet.

Since the scanner identifies the presence of thick plastic cards and labelled or barcoded documents, it excludes multi-feed errors, making simultaneous scanning of cards and paper document possible even when multi-feed detection is ON. Users are able to set documents together and continue scanning without interruption.


*Indicated thickness is inclusive of Booklet Carrier Sheet thickness.


Optimized high-quality image data for business use

PFU Clear Image Capture

The scanner incorporates the strong characteristics of both CIS and CCD to generate optimal images for OCR.
Combining the new CIS sensor with the GI image processing engine suppresses the occurrence of color shifts.
“PFU Clear Image Capture” produces high definition images for data extraction while keeping power consumption to the minimum and reduces startup times.



Increased usability and flexibility to scan in any environment

Keep documents in order with the Stacker Supporter

The Stacker Supporter keeps documents in order, even when scanning mixed batches containing small pieces of paper that tend to fly out of the document tray. Scanned documents are easy to retrieve, reducing time spent on post-scan organization.


Scan various documents with a single scanner

Equipped with a built-in flatbed, this scanner can scan fragile documents and thick books, impossible to scan with ADF.


Supports various operation modes according to the customer’s environment

The scanner supports both USB and LAN connectivity so that it can be used not only near the computer but also in various places under the network environment.
By using server software “PaperStream NX Manager*1, it is possible to scan in environments without the PC or even from a Web application running on a thin client terminal.


*1 A Windows Client Access License (CAL) is required for each scanner device or user.


Advanced software improves workflow before and after scanning

The functions of PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, scanner driver and capture software for fi Series respectively, improves operators’ overall productivity, by reducing the number of operations before and after scanning.


PaperStream Series software is easier to use with expanded functions

With “Setting Assistant” on PaperStream Capture, frequent manual operations like deleting blank pages or correcting page orientations, can be reduced by following the suggestions that pop up in the software notifications.
Options are available for added flexibility.
– For the customers requiring advanced workflow, PaperStream Capture Pro, at a fee.
– For customers with simple and basic operation needs, PaperStream ClickScan.


Quick MRZ Recognition

For passport and ID card scanning, personal information such as full name, document number, nationality, contained in the MRZ* (Machine Readable Zone), can be extracted for efficient entry of customer information.


*Supports recognition of MRZ on passports and ID cards, as defined by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Passport MRZ layout is defined as two rows of 44 characters each (Doc 9303 TD3 format). ID card MRZ layout defined as three rows of 30 characters (TD1 format) or as two rows of 36 characters (TD2 format).




Product Name


Scanner Type

ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) / Manual
Feed / Flatbed, Duplex

Scanning Speed*1 (A4 Portrait)


Simplex: 50 ppm (200/300 dpi)
Duplex: 100 ipm (200/300 dpi)


1.7 seconds (200/300 dpi)

Image Sensor Type

ADF: CIS x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Flatbed: Color CCD X 1

Light Source

ADF: RGB LED x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Flatbed: White LED

Optical Resolution

600 dpi

Output Resolution*4
(Color / Grayscale / Monochrome)

50 to 600 dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi
increments), 1,200 dpi (driver)*5

Output Format

Color: 24-bit, Grayscale: 8-bit,
Monochrome: 1-bit

Background Colors

ADF: White / Black (selectable)
Flatbed: White (or optional black)

Document Size (ADF)


215.9 x 355.6 mm (8.5 x 14 in.)


48 x 50 mm (1.9 x 2 in.)

Long Page Scanning*7

6,096 mm (240 in.)

Document Size (Flatbed)


215.9 x 297 mm (8.5 x 11.7 in.)

Paper Weight (Thickness)


20 to 465 g/m (5.3 to 124 lb)*8


Less than 7 mm (0.276 in.)*9

Plastic Card

1.4 mm (0.055 in.) or less*10

ADF Capacity*11*12

100 sheets (A4 80 g/m or Letter 20 lb)

Expected Daily Volume*13

8,000 sheets

Multifeed Detection

Overlap detection (Ultrasonic sensor),
Length detection

Paper Protection

Image monitoring



USB 3.2 Gen1x1 / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1


10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T

Power Requirements

AC 100V – 240V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

Operating Mode

21 W or less / 17 W (Eco mode)

Sleep Mode

LAN: 2.0 W or less
USB: 1.4 W or less

Auto Standby (Off) Mode

0.2 W or less

Operating Environment


5 to 35 C (41 to 95 F)

Relative Humidity

15 to 80% (Non-condensing)

Environmental Compliance


Dimensions (W x D x H)*14

300 x 577 x 234 mm (11.8 x 22.7 x 9.2 in.)


8.8 kg (19.4 lb)

Supported Operating System

Windows 11*15, Windows 10*15, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019,
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Linux

Software / Drivers

PaperStream IP Driver (TWAIN/TWAIN x64/ISIS), WIA Driver*17, Image Scanner
Driver for Linux (SANE)*17*18,
PaperStream Capture, PaperStream
ClickScan*18, PaperStream NX
Manager, Software Operation Panel, Error Recovery Guide, ABBYY FineReader for
ScanSnap *18, Scanner Central Admin Server

Image Processing Functions

Multi image output, Automatic color
detection, Blank page detection, Dynamic threshold (iDTC),
Advanced DTC, SDTC, Error diffusion, Dither, De-Screen, Emphasis, Dropout
color (None/Red/Green/Blue/White/Saturation/Custom), sRGB output, Hole punch
removal, Index tab cropping, Split image, De-Skew, Edge filler, Vertical
streaks reduction, Background pattern removal, Cropping, Static threshold

Included Items

ADF paper chute, AC cable, AC adapter, USB
cable, Setup DVD-ROM

  1. Scanning speeds may vary due to the system environment. The values shown are the results of the evaluation under the following environment: Windows® 10/CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-10105 3.7GHz/Memory: 8GB/Storage: SSD
  2. Indicated speeds are from using JPEG compression.
  3. Indicated speeds are from using TIFF CCITT Group 4 compression.
  4. Selectable maximum resolution may vary depending on the length of the scanned document.
  5. Limitations may apply to the size of documents that can be scanned, depending on system environment, when scanning at high resolution (over 600 dpi).
  6. Maximum document width possible for scanning is 240 mm (9.5 inch).
  7. For use with PaperStream NX Manager, the maximum resolution supported is 400 dpi, with maximum lengths ranging with resolution.
    Simplex: 1,828.8 mm (72 in.) [below 300 dpi], 355.6 mm (14 in.) [below 400 dpi]. Duplex: 863.6 mm (34 in.) [below 300 dpi], 355.6 mm (14 in.) [below 400 dpi].
  8. Thicknesses of up to 128 to 209 g/m2 (34 to 56 lb) can be scanned for A8 (52 x 74 mm / 2.1 x 2.9 in.) sizes.
  9. Booklet scanning requires use of Booklet Carrier Sheets. Indicated thickness is inclusive of Booklet Carrier Sheet thickness.
  10. Continuous feeding is supported when scanning up to 10 unembossed cards with thicknesses of 0.76 mm or less.
  11. Maximum capacity depends on paper weight and may vary.
  12. Capable of setting additional documents while scanning.
  13. Numbers are calculated using scanning speeds and typical hours of scanner use, and are not meant to guarantee daily volume or unit durability.
  14. Excludes the ADF paper chute and stacker.
  15. fi Series scanners do not run with Windows® 11 and 10 ARM-based PCs.
  16. Supports only USB connections.
  17. Functions equivalent to those offered by PaperStream IP may not be available with the Image Scanner Driver for Linux or WIA Driver.
  18. Refer to the fi Series Support Site for driver/software downloads and full lineup of all supported operating system versions.