Ricoh Cognitive Whiteboard

Run Meetings More Effectively with the Ricoh Cognitive Whiteboard
Collaborative workforces are at the heart of any successful business. But as business grow and teams become separated, remote meetings become ever harder to manage. Poor phone connections, language barriers, and not being able to easily visualise new concepts can all ruin a pitch or an evolving idea.

Imagine being able to build ideas together in the same virtual meeting by talking, drawing and annotating ideas even if you don’t speak the same language.

Ricoh’s new Cognitive Whiteboards will transform your virtual meeting, connecting remote devices, supporting employees with seamless integration whilst IBM’s ground breaking artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology translates so that everyone can understand the meeting, wherever they are.

Freeing up your team to focus on real innovation, the Cognitive Whiteboard also guides the meeting by tracking your key agenda items. Once the meeting is over, our solution sends participants accurate actions and notes, helping teams make faster, better, and more informed decisions.

Ricoh has partnered with IBM to create a Cognitive Whiteboard that won’t be just a screen, but an active meeting participant. This new technology has a capability for learning that will enable a range of more complex smart meeting support features in the future.