Caracteristicile Produsului

  • Controlul și managementul costurilor
  • Reguli de rutare a printurilor
  • Securitatea & flexibilitatea  printurilor
  • Autentificare & Autorizare
  • Restricționarea printării (color)
  • Claritate în urmărirea costurilor
  • Stabilirea diferitelor metode de plată pe grupuri de utilizatori
  • Rapoarte exacte și flexibile

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  • Descriere

Print management software helps companies gain control and management of their printing to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programs;

  • Fleet wide control;
  • Infrastructure optimization of desktop printing;

User centric:

  • Authorize activity and protect access to confidential documents;
  • Influence printing behavior to reduce print volume and costs;
  • Prevent disruption of work and reduce help desk calls;
  • Provide a single printing process for any device, anywhere.

[Cost reduction]

  • Accounting of all printing within an organization;
  • A lower cost of print hardware & print output due to reduced organizational print volumes;
  • The ability to allocate costs by department & user;
  • Add support for organizational directions to right size the print environment.

Follow-you-printing, Rules & routing, enforce or encourage good print habits.

  • Manage access – making sure only authorized users are able to print;
  • Messurement & reporting – ability to track who is printing and what they print (name docs);
  • Cost control and Accountability chargeback and/or allocate print costs;
  • Reports.

[IT Simplification]

  • A drive for lower IT support calls;
  • Reduce help desk calls;
  • Eliminate print driver complexity across the organization;
  • Centralized print administration.

Deliver the versatility to maximize print costs savings and increase security, while minimizing print infrastructure costs:

  • Secure print workflows across entire print fleet;
  • Consistent & secure print experience for all users;
  • Clear visibility and control of print usage & behavior;
  • Reduce printed related train on IT staff & infrastructure.