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  • The ability to capture, perfect, classify, separate and extract from email, fax, folder, XML, EDI, web service and scanner/MFP sources
  • Export capability to dozens of popular enterprise content management systems

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A typical employee uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year and spends 30-40 percent of their time looking for information locked in email and filing cabinets. As more customers engage directly with enterprises through the web and mobile in addition to legacy paper and email processes, your challenge is in gaining total visibility and control over critical data arriving from multiple channels to drive superior business decisions.


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KOFAX Capture



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Digital Mailroom

Automate the labor-intensive, manual process of reviewing digital and paper documents, data entry, document classification and validation and routing of documents to recipients. By replacing paper-based and manual processes with a digital solution, you can improve operational efficiency, identify problems quickly and trigger business processes as each piece of mail enters the organization.

Omnichannel Capture

Discover how the ability to quickly and securely capture all types of inbound documents and information wherever they are first available—whether a central office or digital mailroom, from a customer’s home, a local branch office or even remotely from a smartphone or tablet—can accelerate business processes and create unprecedented access to information across your organization.

Capture Process Improvement

Use actionable analytics to improve the performance of your content-related processes. Implement a complete system that enables real-time monitoring, management and metrics of your business-critical document processing systems.