Caracteristicile Produsului

  • EQUITY: Our solutions unleash a more inclusive and equitable work experience for all.
  • PERFORMANCE: Different types of work require different tools; we design with the end user in mind.
  • COLLABORATION: We enable authentic connection and co-creation, fueling healthy hybrid cultures.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Our plug-and-play solutions are certified for the most popular meeting platforms.
  • SECURITY: Our ecosystem is designed with security and manageability in mind, keeping power in IT’s hands.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to doing right by the planet in everything we do.

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  • Descriere

As the workforce redistributes into a more lasting hybrid model, a one-size-fits-all workspace solution does not exist. That’s why Logitech creates human-centered technology solutions that help people create and collaborate effectively from anywhere. Our complete desktop solutions will help your team do their best work while enjoying a more flexible and satisfying work experience.

As a trusted leader in enterprise technology solutions, we understand the challenges that your company faces. We strive to present innovative solutions that are easy to set up and use, simplifying the manageability challenges created by a distributed workforce.